Shimano SRG8000

Shimano SRG8000

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This versatile, smooth, and powerful offshore spinning reel is loaded with Shimano's® most advanced features and comes in a huge range of sizes, making it the perfect choice for multiple big water species. Improvements in the current iteration of the Saragosa® include SW Concept design with X-Ship & X-Tough drag, durable cam oscillation system for better drag performance, and Rigid Support Drag on 20000 and 25000 sizes. Other amazing features include Paladin gear durability enhancement, propulsion line management system, S A-RB shielded ball bearings, high-speed retrieves, stopperless design (no anti-reverse switch) aluminum frame, graphite rotor, Power Roller III line roller, Super Stopper II Anti-Reverse, durable cam oscillation, Aero Wrap oscillation (14000-18000 models). Tackle the toughest species and conditions with precision and power. Up to 44 pounds of drag to stop even the meanest offshore fish.

  • SW Concept design with X-Ship & X-Tough drag
  • Durable cam oscillation system for better drag performance
  • Rigid Support Drag on 20000 and 25000 sizes
  • Paladin® gear durability enhancement
  • Propulsion line management system
  • S A-RB® shielded ball bearings
  • 5+1 Bearings (6+1 on 14000 & 18000)
  • High-speed retrieves
  • Stopperless design (no anti-reverse switch)
  • Aluminum frame
  • Graphite rotor (aluminum on 10000, 14000 & 18000)
  • Power Roller III® line roller
  • S-Arm Cam
  • Super Stopper II® Anti-Reverse
  • Direct Drive Mechanism
  • Machined aluminum handle shank
  • Dyna-Balance
  • Fluidrive II
  • Cold-forged aluminum spool
  • Titanium spool lip
  • Waterproof drag
  • Easy-access drag washers
  • Dartainium drag (6000-18000)
  • Septon handle grips
  • Rated for use with mono, fluoro and braided lines





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